coinfoleo started as a hobby project.

I was using excel to maintain my crypto investments, tried variety of apps, websites and was generally dissappointed. Either too cumbersome to use or would provide features of which I had no use of or would ask for personal info.. and so on.

Let me share a bit about my investment characteristics.. it'll help you decide if coinfoleo is for you.
  1. Am not a day-trader.
  2. I invest through two exchanges.
  3. I probably check the performance 3-4 times a day.
  4. I try to do decent amount of research into the concepts before investing.
It's been a fun ride building coinfoleo. I'd laid down few core principles: Simple / Accurate / Less-is-more / Privacy:
  1. Simple - Simple interface, built for regular you and me.
  2. Accurate - Accurate calculations, use trusted data providers.
  3. Less-is-more - I won't build anything gimmicky. Let people use it, build based on feedback.
  4. Privacy - Your data is safe, your portfolio is stored anonymized. Never spam you nor sell your data.
Go ahead, try it, use it. Send me a note - feedback, feature requests, comments, want to join the journey.. - links within footer.
Simple, no nonsense portfolio management for your cryptocurrencies
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